Marl House


Type: New Build, Eco home.

Scope: Full interior design

Anticipated completion date: Summer 2025


Marl House, is a “Paragraph 80” home, meaning it will be a unique and exceptional residence, so has secured a special planning exemption in it’s isolated setting due to its outstanding design.


Featuring on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, this unusual curved, stepped eco structure with green meadow roof will blend seamlessly into the landscape.


Internally a series of 60 cm stepped levels has made for an exciting interior design challenge and will create a submerged effect as the house gently sinks into the ground.


The property boundary is marked by the Norfolk steam train railway track which has inspired both internal and external design choices.


Weathered copper accents, a metal staircase and extensive use of Crittal offer a nod to the site’s former railway use, while a harmonious pallet of natural materials will be present within this eco-conscious home.